REIKI in Albuquerque

You may request a house-call or you may come to my home office in the East Mountains, in the town of Edgewood. I am located 30 minutes from Nob Hill, just off of I-40.

During the Reiki session. you remain clothed and lie down on a massage table. The practitioner places their hands on or just above your body, typically starting at the top of the head and moving down. The hand positions are held for approximately 5 minutes each. Reiki symbols may be visualized by the practitioner at the same time. A session is typically one to one and a half hours long.

Aleta has also compiled a list of frequently asked questions about REKI Energy Healing below:

What is Reki Energy Healing?

Reiki (pronounced ray key) is a healing technique in which the healer flows healing energy from their hands into the client, which improves the flow of energy through the body.

A trained practitioner of Reiki can sense where in the body there is a problem in the flow and can help the enegry move as it should.

Reiki is similar to massage therapy in a way, though the client is not required to remove clothing and there is no or little touching.

What can it do ?

Reiki can reduce stress, increase energy, calm anxiety, ease depression and relieve pain. It has been shown to help clients with acute and chronic illnesses as well as recovery from surgery. Reiki is safe, nurturing and relaxing technique. It has been used along with conventional medicine, in hospitals and doctor’s office.

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