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  Psychic  Readings  and  Healing

Albuquerque  NM


This woman is amazing. She was totally accurate regarding my relationship and career. 

Due to following her advice I believe my life is going better .

I could feel that she truly cared about my life.

I will be going back for an update and will be sending my friends.

Aleta is incredibly gifted. She makes sure you feel comfortable prior and while giving a reading. My time with her provided so much clarity for my life path and where I’m headed. Definitely 10/10 and recommend!

Best Albuquerque psychic in my opinion, Caring, accurate, doesnt just predict but advises you on whats the best choice or path. 

If you're wanting a psychic tarot reading by phone , Aleta beats the 800 numbers. I only use her now cause it feels more personal

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BIO-  Aleta Mason of Psychic Readings and Healing

I grew up in the Northeast in a family of psychics and artists.

My spiritual gifts come mostly from my mother's side. 

My main gifts as a child were telepathy and psychokinesis

( the ability to affect objects)

Throughout my life I have seen spirits, predicted even​ts and had dreams that resolve my concerns.

I started reading in the 80s for friends, and started to read professionally in 2006.

My work is very fulfilling as my clients are

left with clarity, comfort, closure or encouragement.

I am emotional and empathic, so , almost moved to tears when i read their reviews and when they return or refer friends and family to me.

It would be my pleasure and honor to be your trusted go-to psychic​

My Intention

Is that my psychic readings provide accurate and helpful insights

helping you make sense of your past 

and to guide you to your best future !