How to choose an accurate psychic

get an honest tarot card reading

or find a real medium

Hang onto your wallet and read this first!

Question and Answer Interview

with Psychic Aleta:


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If a psychic tells me they are 100% accurate, should I believe them?


They may really believe this & this alone does not necessarily mean the person is a scammer, but my personal belief is that the future is NOT carved in stone.

Your actions, words, thoughts & those of others in your life affect the future, minute by minute.

Though he/she may have the best intentions, in my opinion, psychics can only show you what’s most LIKELY .

A good psychic should also be able to give you insights into PRESENT relationships and situations, as well as character & intentions of people in your life.

If they dont seem to be in tune with what has and what is happening, they may be wrong about the future too.



What advice do you have for a person who has been told by a psychic that there’s a curse on them & then asks for money to “break the curse” ?


If you believed someone had a curse on them and you could remove it, wouldn’t you do it for free, out of fear/concern for that person?

If the psychic and you believe in curses, they tell you there is one on you and that rings true for you, ok, but it is my opinion that it should be removed for free or at least at the normal hourly rate (as would be charged for a reading)

I, personally am NOT trained/experienced in removing them and not convinced they even exist.

There is actually a law on the books in some states , (maybe all states by now) , that a psychic is NOT ALLOWED to tell you there’s a curse on you.

This is because there have been so many scammers using this trick, that they actually passed a law against it. REPORT THIS TO POLICE if the person is asking for more money or jewelry or anything of value, before the person cons others !

DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT give them jewelry or any item of sentimental or monetary value.

I have heard horror stories from clients where so-called psychics asked them for money, or a piece of their grandmother’s jewelry, a family heirloom, “to help me tune in to her spirit”
DONT DO IT ! You wont see it again !

I recommend that you go to the police and make out a report on any psychic who even tries this.



What kinds of statements would a fake psychic make? How can I tell when I’m not getting an honest reading?


Watch for general statements that could apply to just about anyone.


“You’re a nice person and people take advantage of you”

“You’ve been hurt and aren’t sure whom you can trust”

Pay attention. These statements may be true about you specifically or not, but could also apply to most people.

Some details should come up that accurately describe YOUR particular situation.

If you feel that she is not accurate, keep in mind that the psychic may be honest and doing their best. It may not be that he/she is a scammer, but that he/she is simply having an “off” day or that the two of you don’t have a strong connection/aren’t “tuning in” to each other.

If the reading is not going well, you may want to stop it in first few minutes and not pay/ask for a refund.

I personally offer a money-back guarantee. See below or home page.



should I make major decisions such as investment, health or other, based on what a psychic reader tells me?


DO NOT make major decisions based only upon a reading. Nothing is 100% accurate. Always ask the advice of professionals in that field also, and remember your own common sense!



If a psychic ask s me for my birth date or other information, is that a bad sign?


This may be a sign that the psychic is not very good or is a fake. If they ask for your birth date, ask them why they need it. Are they going to use astrology? Do you want an astrology reading or do you want a psychic reading? A combination is fine, but they need to be up-front about it to make sure that you agree.

I personally request that my clients tell me nothing.

I trust the Tarot Cards and your guides & therefore do NOT want to be biased or influenced by any information before the reading.

I may ask AFTER I lays the cards down, “is this reading making sense to you” to be sure we’re “tuning in” to each other and to your guides. I may also ask you to tell me more about the person, relationship or situation AFTER laying the cards down. This is because it may help me interpret what the cards/your guides are trying to say. It may also help us to choose further questions to ask your guides in order to get more in-depth information for you.



How hard is it to find a psychic who offers a money-back guarantee?

Do YOU offer this?


This can be hard to find, but it pays to ask if the psychic offers a guarantee of any kind.

Any honest psychic will tell you that on occasion, there is a client they don’t connect well with.

This has happened only a few times in my life as a psychic, but I DO offer a guarantee-

If, within the first THREE MINUTES , you feel that we are not “connecting”, I will stop the reading and refund your money. My goal is to help you, not take your money or feed my ego.

** Future predictions are not guaranteed **

The future is not carved in stone. It changes all the time, therefore, I can only promise to be honest and tell you what is the most likely outcome from the time we are in, from the moment of the reading.

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