Achieving Spiritual WELLNESS and Emotional Balance | By a New Mexico Psychic

Posted on November 3, 2015, by Aleta Mason

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Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health and Balance

Would you like to feel better, look better and live a longer , healthier life?

Of course! But how? This post will give you the basic information and resources you need to find balance and achieve wellness in your life.

What is wellness?

In my professional opinion, wellness is the direct opposite of disease, or dis- ease.

Dis- ease can be defined as physical illness or discomfort, emotional distress or low-level depression or dissatisfaction or even, in more spiritual terms, a sense of being lost, having no sense of purpose or meaning.

I will break down wellness into the above 3 categories and give you my take on what is required to achieve it in each of these categories or areas of your life.

Achieving Spiritual Wellness-

1. Meditate AND pray. You don’t have to be religious and start going to church. Just find something to believe in and start a spiritual practice. It can be just 15 minutes of meditation/quiet time per day . Consider prayer also. Find a prayer that speaks to your heart, that eases your mind, and say it daily. Remember, prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening for the answer. If you start to pay attention during meditation, and/or by keeping a dream journal, you will start to receive the information, guidance and peace of mind you seek.

2. Use aromatherapy oils for spiritual growth, such as frankincense, myrrh, spruce and others you may find in a google search.

3. Use sound healing . Go onto youtube and put in search “sound frequency for…” Fill in blank with spirituality, spiritual growth, intuition, etc.

4. Get out into nature, even if its your back yard. Google “earthing” to learn about the spiritual, physical and emotional benefits of nature.

Achieving Physical Wellness-

1. Correct diet. No, I am not talking about calories. I am not an expert of weight loss, however, the advice given here will help your body to function better which may cause you to naturally lose excess weight. My main concern for self and clients is the need for more alkalizing foods. Our bodies need proper ph balance to function optimally. Most of us are eating to much acidifying foods, throwing our bodies out of balance and contributing to fatigue, anxiety, depression and illness.

Alkalizing foods include: vegetables, fruit, seeds, lentil beans, almonds and, if meat is eaten, fish and fowl (chicken, turkey)

Acidifying foods include: red meat (pork, beef), grains (bread, pasta, rice, most cereals), dairy, most nuts and beans lean toward acidifying.

You may google the complete list if you wish, but to start, remove red meat and dairy and replace them with white meat and coconut or almond milk.

Drop or greatly reduce bread, pasta and rice and switch to seeds such as quinoa, amaranth, wild rice or black “forbidden” rice.

2. Exercise- aerobic exercise is vital for over-all health. Rebounding on a small rebounder or on a trampoline as well as swinging on a swing or hammock is very healthy as it moves your lymph fluid, healing to remove toxins from the body.

3. Detoxing/fasting. A fruit/vegetable only fast, or a juice fast or a water-only fast is beneficial to health as it gives the organs a “rest” and helps them to detoxify. Please seek a holistic doctor’s advice before fasting if you have any health issues.

4. There is much more to say but if you do just these three things you will notice a change in the way you feel and look within a few weeks or months

Achieving Emotional Wellness-

1. Get control of your thoughts. You are NOT your mind. Your mind was not meant to control you, but to be your helper or servant. The thoughts you allow yourself to focus on will be the deciding factor in how you feel and what kind of day you have. Simply CHOOSE the thoughts that make you feel better. Speak to yourself in your mind or aloud the way a good friend would speak to you. Are you your own best friend, or your own worst enemy?

2. Read self-help articles on changing thought patterns and beliefs/assumptions. Learn about reframing your past experiences/the stories you tell yourself and others about your life.

3. Use alternative tools such as aromatherapy, sound healing, reiki. Find practitioners who offer these and GO.

These are just the basics. If you would like help in achieving wellness in your life, contact me for your customized program, coaching or consultation. I service readers from accross the United-States including Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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