How to get the best psychic reading

Posted on July 19, 2014, by Aleta Mason

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How to get the best psychic reading
to get the most out of your reading? Your environment and state of mind
can influence the quality of the connection you make with your psychic.
Here are some tips to prepare yourself beforehand. (Some will seem obvious but
believe it or not I once was
reading for a client and heard dishes in the back-ground. She admitted
she was washing dishes as we spoke! )
1) Take a few minutes before your reading to stop what you were doing, switch gears, slow down your mind and relax.
Set your appointment for a time when there will be no interruptions.
Will there be kids screaming, dogs barking or neighbors showing up?
3) Aim for a day when you are not heavily scheduled, so you will be able to relax and enjoy your reading.
If its impossible to find alone-time, consider getting a baby-sitter so
you can be in your car, at a quiet park, or at a friend’s house while
they’re at work.
5) Don’t have the tv or music on. Dont do chores or anything else during your reading
6) Have some idea of the questions or categories you want to explore
7) Have paper and pen handy to take notes.
8) If you’re getting
a Tarot reading, consider writing down just the card and card
positions. This way you can enjoy the reading, really connect with/hear
the psychic, get the basic answer youre seeking,  and look up exact
meanings later, if you choose to/are interested.
Keep in  mind, whatever answers or insights you receive, your life is
your own and only you can decide whether to leave that relationship,
take that job, move across country. We can only tell you what we see.
What you choose to do with the information is your choice. There is no
right or wrong choice, though one path may be harder than another, but
we learn and grow from everything!
that the quality of the attention and the energy you bring to the
reading will influence the quality of the connection you make with your
psychic and the quality of the answers you receive.

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