Sylvia Browne Famous Medium Death

Posted on November 22, 2013, by Aleta Mason

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 Sylvia Browne died in the hospital. She wasnt looking healthy for a long time and had mentioned health issues on live tv, so this news is not surprising. Its unfortunate that she died at 77 , especially since she thought she had more time; she had predicted her own death to be at 88 yrs old. Condolences to her son Chris Dusfresne and the rest of her family.
 Friends of mine had tickets to a show coming up where they would have seen her live. Im sure many who had readings scheduled are as upset as my friend is.
 For those of you who wanted to have a reading with her, Im sorry, but there IS another option.
I know a great  natural-born medium. She keeps a low profile, does not want fame & charges a very fair price. She will only read occasionally if i recommend someone to her. I do Tarot Readings but if you want specifically a mediumship reading, I will hook you up w/her. Go to my website and contact me from there if you need an honest and accurate medium. 

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